Roland TD-27KV2 Review (2024)

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We covered the first generation TD-27KV when it debuted at NAMM a few years ago. Roland has since made a few upgrades to the kit. Today, I’m reviewing the Roland TD-27KV2, and we’ll look at all the added features and see if it’s worth dropping some hard-earned coin on this electronic drum set.

TL;DR Review of the TD-27KV2

  • The Roland TD-27KV2 is a mid-gen refresh of the TD-27KV electronic drum set, offering a compact design with flagship-like features.
  • The drum set includes a tower design kick drum, 14-inch snare drum, three 10-inch toms, 12-inch crash, 14-inch crash, 18-inch ride cymbal, and 14-inch two-piece hi-hats.
  • The TD-27 drum module comes with over 700 sounds, 75 pre-built kits, extensive editing capabilities, and the ability to download new kits from the Roland Cloud.
  • While the TD-27KV2 offers a great playing experience, with high-quality pads and extensive editing options, it does not include a hi-hat stand or snare drum stand in the package.

Roland TD-27KV2

The best intermediate electronic kit available
Most realistic hi-hat
The Roland V-Drums TD-27KV2 is a versatile electronic drum set with 75 preset kits and deep editing capabilities. It features top-quality pads, revamped cymbals, and a reliable rack for consistent performance.

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What We Like
  • 75 preset drum kits
  • Digital ride, snare, & hi-hat are very realistic
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Quieter kick pad
  • Expand drum sounds via Roland Cloud
What We Don’t Like
  • Small kick drum pad
  • Drum module interface is outdated
  • Expensive
Roland TD-27KV2

What’s in the box?

The TD-27KV2 is a 5-piece electronic drum kit that includes:

  • TD-27 sound module
  • KD-10 Kick Drum Pad
  • 14″ PD-140DS Digital Snare Pad
  • 10″ PDX-100 Tom Pads (3)
  • 12″ CY-12C-T rubber-coated two-zone Crash
  • 14″ CY-14C-T rubber-coated two-zone Crash
  • 18″ CY-18DR Digital Ride Cymbal
  • 14″ VH-14D Digital Hi-Hat
  • MDS-STD2 Drum Stand
  • Drum keys
  • Velcro cable straps
  • Instruction manuals

What’s not in the box?

The TD-27KV2 package doesn’t include a hi-hat stand, snare drum stand, drum throne, or bass drum pedal. I’m sure this decision was based on keeping the kit at a specific price point, with the understanding that many drummers prefer using their own hardware rather than the default Roland hardware.

While it would have been convenient to include these items, it’s understandable that they’re not, considering drummers’ individual preferences and needs. It’s worth noting that investing in high-quality hardware can significantly enhance the overall playing experience.


After unboxing the TD-27KV2 components, I set up the hardware, which took about an hour, with most of the time spent building the MDS-STD2 drum stand.

The plastic connecting clamps and mounts that hold the tubular racks together aren’t my favorite, but they’re better than others on the market. 

I had to tighten them beyond a comfortable tightness and occasionally readjust them due to a slight sag or wobble. Nevertheless, the Roland rack feels more robust and secure overall than others.

Following the setup manual, I noticed that Roland included instructions for setting up the kit left-handed, which was a thoughtful inclusion. However, I decided to stick with a right-handed configuration.

The TD-27 sound module is mounted between the hi-hat and first toman odd choice. The wiring harness cables are cut to specific lengths for each drum, so the default module placement is optimal, despite my questioning this design choice.

Roland TD-27KV2

Playing Experience

With the hardware setup out of the way, I eagerly began my playing experience with the TD-27KV2. As I started playing, I first noticed the difference in the digital components compared to the TD-17KVX2.

The pads on this kit feel and play great. The snare drum pad is designed to resemble an acoustic drum, offering dynamic response and sound variation.

The tom pads have dual-layer mesh heads that can trigger sounds from both the head and rim, providing versatility in playing.

The digital snare, hi-hat, and ride cymbal on the TD-27KV2 offer a much more expressive playing experience. Its touch sensitivity and accurate cross-stick sound are impressive—no mis-triggers even when playing softly.

The VH-14D digital hi-hat, in particular, has multiple trigger zones and allows for open, half-open, close, press, bow shot, edge shot, foot close, splash, and choke. This expression level is as close as possible to an actual set of hi-hats.

The new crash cymbal pads are thinner, bend, and flex like acoustic cymbals, and the ride cymbal pad has multiple sensors for edge, bow, and bell sounds.

The CY-18DR ride cymbal, with its triggers for the bow, bell edge, and choke, offers natural decay and cymbal muting just by touching the bow surface.

Additionally, the kit includes the KD-10 kick tower pad, which can accommodate single or double kick pedals. The module also has three additional trigger inputs for expanding the kit and adding more pads, allowing customization and enhancing the playing experience.

And it stays in place securely.

The non-digital pads and cymbals on the kit are versatile and a joy to play. The playing experience on the TD-27KV2 is top-notch, thanks to the digital components and well-designed pads and cymbals.


The Roland TD-27KV2 drum set features a reliable and durable four-post drum rack. The rack is designed to provide stability and support for the drums and cymbals during intense playing sessions.

I was impressed with the construction of the rack, as it felt solid and capable of withstanding the rigors of regular use. The four-post design ensures the drum set remains stable and doesn’t wobble or shift while playing. This is particularly important for drummers who prefer a more aggressive playing style.

TD-27 Drum Module

TD-27 Drum Module

So, let’s talk about the TD-27 Drum Module and the upgrades it brings in version 2.0.

This module offers extensive editing capabilities, including EQ, compression, and transient controls, allowing personalized sound customization.

With over 700 sounds and 75 pre-built kits, it provides many options for practicing, performing live, or recording.

Upgrades for Version 2.0

One notable upgrade includes support for the digital hi-hat when upgrading from something like the VH11, providing a more realistic playing experience.

Additionally, the TD-27KV2 now features a larger second crash cymbal, expanding the range of sounds that can be produced.

The module has been updated, offering extensive editing options for fine-tuning sounds to individual preferences.

With over 700 sounds and 75 pre-built kits, the TD-27 drum module provides plenty of options for customization.

It also supports up to 12 pads and more with cable splitters, allowing for expansion and personalization of the drumming setup.

Working with the TD-27 Drum Module

Before delving into the features of the TD-27 Sound Module, I must mention the absence of the convenient phone-holder carve-out that was present in the TD-17 module. 

While I’d developed a sentimental attachment to that little feature, it would be harder to incorporate in the TD-27 due to its extra outputs and larger LCD.

The TD-27 module comes pre-loaded with version 2 of the system software, offering significant improvements.

There are 75 ready-to-play preset kits, ten all-new kits, and 39 newly developed samples for layering and enhancing drum tones. 

The module has expanded layering functionality for greater sound control, updated transient parameters for precision sound shaping, and a new parallel compression function derived from the flagship TD-50X. It also supports the latest thin-profile V-Cymbals and integrates with Roland Cloud content.

In terms of recording, it’s straightforward, with options to record with a song or without. You can also simultaneously record drums, songs, Bluetooth, and mix inputs.

9.2Expert Score
DrumSpy Verdict

The second generation Roland TD-27KV2 is expensive, but packed with quality and innovation. The digital snare, ride, and hi-hat are the highlights of the kit—all three feel excellent to play and super realistic. The kick pad could use improvement; a larger mesh head would make this e-kit 10/10.

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