Helpful Resources For Beginning Drummers

Hi. Welcome to Drum Spy! This is our resource page for beginning drummers. We’ve curated this list of what we believe are the best places to look when first starting out as a player.

How To Set Up a Drum Set — Just bought your first drum kit? Learn how to set it up with our helpful guide.

How To Read Drum and Percussion Notation This is the ultimate guide to learn how to read percussion music if you’re first learning the drums. I highly suggest you have some understanding of notation, even if you don’t plan on using it immediately in the near future.

How To Learn All 40 Drum Rudiments — Rudiments are like fundamentals; they are extremely important to learn, even as a new drummer.

How To Tune a Drum Set — For new drummers, I highly suggest taking a minute to read through this guide. You’re going to be tuning your drums a lot. It’s best to learn how to do it properly.

5 Easy Songs To Learn on Drums — Looking for a song to learn when you’re just starting to learn the drums? Look no further. These are five songs we’ve picked are great starts for those just beginning.

The Reality of Drum Endorsements — Ever wanted to be “sponsored” by a drum company? Be sure not to miss this read.

Drum Maintenance 101 — Our guide on drum care is very extensive and will teach you the ways to clean, repair, disassemble, store, and muffle your drums.

What’s The World of Touring Like? — Curious about what it’s like to go out on the road? Here are some things to expect when you tour for the first time.

Best Drum Sets for Kids — Are you a parent looking to get your little one a drum set? Look no further; I’ve got you covered with the ultimate buyer’s guide.

Drum Lessons

No matter what your skill level, drum lessons can be extremely valuable to you as a player.

If you’re just starting out and want to stick to just YouTube, that’s fine, but having an actual teacher or signing up for a membership lesson website can help you accelerate your progress. – One of the fastest growing drum lesson websites around today is Drumeo. They have a fantastic platform and offer tons of free content on their YouTube channel. They feature huge names in lessons and videos such as Thomas Lang and Todd Sucherman to name a few. – I found out about Adam Tuminaro of Orlando Drummer a few years ago when I started seeing his videos on Instagram. He has a fantastic platform and has amazing drum content. I highly recommend you check it out. – Mike Johnston rules; hands down. If you haven’t seen or heard him play yet, go type his name in on YouTube. I’m sure you’ll be blown away. Mike has an excellent learning platform for drummers both new and experienced. – This website is fantastic if you’re looking for a traditional “in-person” drum teacher. Using your location, it’s able to pinpoint teachers that are closest to you. Online teachers are available as well.

180Drums – Similar to that of Drumeo, 180Drums is a fantastic resource for both watching drum content and learning. There’s tons of great lessons from players like Luke Holland, Josh Manuel, Aaron Gillespie, and many more.

Bill Bachman’s Drumming Lessons – This playlist, courtesy of Vic Firth, has some awesome lessons from Bill Bachman. For those unaware, Bill is a famed drummer most known for his technical ability. The lessons emphasize rudimentary drumming.

Drumming Magazines, Blogs, and Channels

Modern Drummer – This one’s an obvious pick, but a great one. MD is one of the leading drum magazines today. There are tons of great interviews, articles, and information.

DRUM! Magazine – Here we have another top magazine in our industry.

The New Drummer – Duran runs an awesome drumming blog. I actually discovered his content on Instagram, as he is always posting great videos of drummers. There’s lots of great informational content for any player who’s willing to read.

BANG! The Drum School – Mark Feldman, founder of BANG! has created an awesome collection of content. There’s online lessons, group lessons (if in NYC), nasty drum licks, and much more.

The 80/20 Drummer — Nate Smith runs a YouTube channel called The 80/20 Drummer, and it’s one of the most innovative instructional resources around.

rdavidr – One of the coolest YouTube channels for drummers has to be rdavidr. He posts awesome drum hacks, DIY projects, and other great videos on his channel.

65 Drums — An excellent resource for those drummers interested in electronic drums. Justin Greenawalt does an awesome job showcasing all sorts of new products related to e-drumming.

Stephen Taylor — Stephen runs an incredible educational drumming YouTube channel perfect for beginners and advanced players.

Interested in getting on this list? Please reach out to us and we’ll see if we can add your resource to our page!

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