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Nick talking about the Sonor Kompressor Series Snare Drum
Nick talking about the Sonor Kompressor Series Snare Drum

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Drum Spy is your trusted companion in the drum gear market. We offer honest reviews and unbiased recommendations, ensuring you have reliable information to base your purchasing decisions on. Trust us to steer you towards the best products available.

Why trust Drum Spy?

In the crowded world of online reviews, it can be hard to know who to trust. Many websites are primarily focused on generating revenue through advertising, often lacking genuine expertise and experience drumming.

Unlike many other sites that prioritize advertiser interests, our reviews are independent and unbiased. We test gear thoroughly and provide honest feedback based on performance, durability, and value. We always disclose advertising relationships.

Nick playing the Donner DED-80 for a YouTube review
Nick Cesarz Drumming
Nick playing at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater in 2016

About Nick

Hey there. My name is Nick Cesarz and I’m the founder of Drum Spy, one of the web’s most loved drumming blogs with over 100,000 readers a month. I play drums in a band called Vinyl Theatre. In addition to obsessing over drums and percussion, I am also a music producer in my local scene.
Nick testing the DWe at PASIC 2023
Nick Cesarz Playing DWe at PASIC 2023

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